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– Are you becoming Darth Vader?
Anakin Skywalker Choices: Yoda vs. Emperor Palpatine
– Unlikely Alliances Droids, Jedi’s, Rebels, and Imperials and Ewoks
– How did a purple light saber make it in the film?
All Jedi have either blue or green light sabers (Samuel L. Jackson?)
– There is a disturbance in The Force!
Listen to Your Gut
– “I find your lack of faith disturbing”
Commander learned: Faith = Conviction in your belief that something will work

#3 Business Application:
Samuel L. Jackson’s personality is part of his brand, and the purple light saber was simply an extension of his unique image. When he’s cast in a movie, the directors are specifically looking for that type of actor, and movie-goers also know exactly what to expect from Samuel L. Jackson in a movie: A unique Bad-A**!
• How would a current customer’s describe their first experience with you, your service, or your product?
• How can you integrate your personality into your own, unique brand experience?
• What are 3 changes you can make to ensure everyone you encounter gets the experience you want?
#4 Business Application:
There is a disturbance in The Force! All Jedi and Sith (i.e. bad Guys) use The Force. The Force is described as the energy that flows through everything and binds the galaxy together. People “in tune” with The Force can use it to move things with their mind, see the future, and even to detect when something is going well or badly. Developing the skill to pause briefly and dial in to your gut (before proceeding) is a skill the vast majority of business owners and industry tycoons employ before making an important decision. Honing this skill can help you immeasurably–especially when you can’t get all of the information you want or need to make an “informed” decision.
• When was the last time you trusted your gut, and it served you well?
• How could you create a true “gut check” when faced with a major decision?
• What resources are available that would help you in further developing your gut?
You own a chocolate business and are well-acquainted with the hardships, ups/downs, joys, and especially the learning that come along with the journey. You can watch a Star Wars movie multiple times and each time you pull a NEW, little nugget that applies to your business and your life. Movies can influence HOW you see the world & do business. What great lessons have they taught you?
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